Mountain biking is helping to solidify Stowe VT as a year-round destination. Ski towns are breaking the mold and are offering far more than winter fun these days. If you ask anyone who lives in a ski town how they ended up there you will probably hear a variation of the same answer: “I came for the winter but stayed for the summer.” While skiing and snowboarding are fun activities, the Stowe attractions multiply after the snow melts.

Stowe is a fantastic place to be during spring, summer and fall. The plethora of trails enable so many activities, including hiking, trail running and mountain biking (visit “Vermont’s 10 Best Mountain Bike Trails” and for a list of local trails). These activities can last anywhere from a half hour to a full day and enable everyone to soak in the scenery and get into nature. In essence, Stowe lends itself well to a healthy, outdoorsy lifestyle.

A recent article in The Boston Globe noted how fantastic the mountain biking trails are in the Stowe area, offering everything from beginner to advanced levels. The biking is becoming a major attraction for visitors and once you ride one of trails you will see why. If you are interested in homes for sale in Stowe VT, get in touch with us.