Having an extra room in your house can be a real problem. Well, a problem most of us wish we had. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of such a situation.

Making the most out of a spare room can help keep your life more organized and the rest of the house a bit less cluttered. William Raveis Real Estate, your real estate agency in Vermont, offers ways in which you can utilize that extra room in your home.


If you are a bookworm, you have probably dreamed about having your very own library for a long time. Well, now is your chance. Transform your spare room into a library by installing bookshelves on the walls from the floor to the ceiling. You can even finish it up with one of those sliding ladders.

Decorate your library with cozy area rugs, sophisticated couches and a huge bean bag chair. Imagine the fun you will have in this room.


If you are tired of tripping over the kid’s toys strung all over the house, then turn that spare room into a playroom. Use chalkboard paint on the walls and store all of their toys in there and let them have at it.

The kids will love having space to themselves and you will love not having a mess through the rest of the house.

Home Gym

Let’s face it, nobody enjoys having to drive to the gym to get your exercise. In fact, it is probably one of the biggest reasons people skip going to the gym.

But if you have a spare room, you could bring the gym home, so to speak. Just invest in some workout machines, weights and a yoga mat and you can do anything in your home gym that you can in a commercial gym.

You don’t even have to wipe down the treadmill after you have used it.

Music Room

Anyone with a love for music would die for a room dedicated to music. Whether you like to write music, play music or just listen to music, your music room can be customized to fit your every desire.

It is a good idea to dampen the sound coming from your music room so you don’t disturb others while cranking out the latest from Cannibal Corpse.

Art Studio

If music isn’t your thing, then turn the spare room into an art studio. A great way to encourage creativity is by having an art studio. Any room can be made into an art studio with a little artistic flair.

Home Theater

Now, this is a room most of you can get behind. Well, in front if you want to see the movie. In addition to a great sound system and huge television, you can add a row of recliners with cup holders.

The downside is that should you invite guests over for movie night, they might never leave.

If you are thinking about upgrading to a bigger house, give William Raveis Real Estate a call.