facing foreclosure vermont william raveis real estate

In tough and frustrating times, it may be hard stay on top of your mortgage payments, and the possibility of foreclosure may be bearing down on you. Facing a foreclosure can be damaging for the homeowner and the community, but there are alternatives.

Once a mortgage payment has been missed, the lender has the ability to begin the foreclosure process; however, a short sale can potentially minimize the damage to one’s future loan eligibility, credit score, employment, security clearance and more.

For more info on foreclosure alternatives, specifically short sales, visit the CDPE Designation, where you can find Vermont real estate agents connected to a network of professionals via the Distressed Property Institute. This provides a connection with agents that have the tools and knowledge needed to efficiently, ethically, and effectively pursue foreclosure alternatives. We can help at William Raveis Stowe Realty.