Owning Stowe real estate as a vacation home may require more organization when it comes to maintenance. A Stowe vacation home is typically where homeowners go to relax and enjoy the surroundings, which is why being prepared and adding time to a trip to take care of essential care is necessary. Owning a Stowe property is an investment and caring for it will only protect this investment.

One huge step toward having a healthier Stowe vacation home is closing it properly. For example, if a homeowner spends the winters skiing in Stowe but summers elsewhere, then it is important when the ski season is over to put the home to bed.

When leaving a vacation home for an extended period of time consider:

  • turn off necessary utilities
  • secure windows and doors
  • remove any garbage or trash from the home
  • empty the refrigerator
  • adjust the heating system appropriately
  • unplug appliances
  • drain water lines

These small steps can save utility costs on your Stowe home and prepare it for sitting empty for any significant period of time. If you have a fireplace, then double-check to make sure the flue is closed so that critters can’t climb in through your chimney.

A local property manager can take care of any needs but for those who want to go it alone these steps can help avoid problems with a home.