Selling Stowe real estate often starts with one main question: should I list with a REALTOR® or FSBO? You’ve seen the initials and they stand for “For Sale By Owner,” and attractive, money-saving idea to many; after all, why would anyone want to let go of any money received from the sale of anything these days?

Selling real estate in Stowe, or anywhere, involves preparation, marketing, and follow-through. An experienced Stowe REALTOR® will present a potential seller with an extensive listing presentation that covers the process of selling and outlines the entire marketing plan. To get ready to sell, a CMA (comparative market analysis) will be completed at which point a price will be suggested by the REALTOR®. Pricing a Stowe property is essential if a seller wants to sell in a timely manner.

Marketing is another essential component of selling Stowe real estate. From a strong online presence (the majority of home buyers begin their search online) to networking with other real estate professionals can be instrumental in attracting potential buyers. It is important to remember that each REALTOR® has a client base and that by being connected to other agents your Stowe REALTOR® is thereby connected to their client lists, expanding the potential homebuyers.

An experienced REALTOR® can be the difference between your home selling in a timely manner or languishing on the market. Get in touch with William Raveis Stowe Realty today.