Energy improvements to real estate help both the environment and the wallet. While there may be upfront costs involved with making a home more energy-efficient, many of these costs are recouped through the years by the money saved on energy costs. In fact, making improvements to your Stowe home could be your best defense against rising energy costs.

Energy improvements to your Stowe property can be small, as little as changing out a thermostat. On the whole however, paying attention to your Stowe home’s joints and seams is where you can typically make the most improvements. In other words, examine places in your home where two different materials may come together, where windows meet walls, or the chimney meets the roof. Caulking, sealing, and insulating are great ways to improve your Vermont home’s energy efficiency.

Of course green improvements can also be made to help your home’s efficiency; in fact, the majority of new green homes are so airtight that they have little to no energy costs involved. Green is more than a trend; it is a way of life and making energy improvements to the home is part of green living. Energy improvements affect both the energy costs of a home and its environmental impact, reducing both. When it comes time to sell your Stowe house, green can also be an attractive quality to a prospective buyer. William Raveis Stowe Real Estate can help walk you through the home selling or buying process.

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