In Vermont, the end of September and beginning of October is uniquely picturesque. Trees that have stood as natural pillars explode into spectacular shades of red, yellow and orange; even countless viewings cannot diminish the shock of its beauty.

Visitors will be traveling our scenic roads to see and explore this special season, and homes will need to stand out against this colorful array and entice potential buyers to step through their doors.

Like timing the peak of fall foliage, you never know when (or from where) a Stowe home buyer might emerge. Here are some helpful ideas to get your Northern Vermont property “fall”-in-love ready:

  • Clean up the yard: Don’t let vegetation block the windows or pathways. As days are getting shorter and darker, you will need to maximize sunlight and the open feel of uncluttered landscaping. Mow the lawn and rake the leaves. Make sure your gutters are free from debris. If it’s rainy, have a good doormat to help transition people out of the cold and wet and into your home (and keep your flooring dry and clean).
  • Address the windows: Trying to capture the elusive light through rain- and wind-swept dirty glass will prove impossible. Give your windows and screens a thorough cleaning so your home truly sparkles. When people are viewing your home, make sure to pull the blinds, open the shutters and push back the drapes on every window; turn on every light too!
  • Clean the fireplace: Winter is coming and your “warm and cozy” fireplace should be free of cobwebs and dust. Although you haven’t used it in 6 or more months, you want to make sure anyone walking through the door can picture using that fireplace for years to come.
  • Autumn accents: Try to incorporate the season by baking cinnamon-inspired treats, creating a centerpiece with fresh red apples or pine cones, playing autumn music and/or accessorizing with fall colors, such as giving that lifeless sofa a burst of expression with a few red or orange pillows. Don’t go overboard. You still want your home to have a clean, unencumbered and impersonal (aka “anyone could live here”) feel.
  • Change your bedding: Don’t let the inviting themes you’ve created in the living spaces stop short of the bedroom. The bed is the focal point, so having a thick, luxurious comforter is one way to set the right tone: “you are in a home and will find peace of mind sleeping here.”
  • Keep the entire house cozy: Entering a cold house can leave an unfavorable impression. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, such as 68-70 degrees.
  • Give it a fresh coat: Repainting walls and exteriors is part of the buyer-ready approach to home sales. Think about touching up the paint on your walls before putting your house on the market. Keeping colors neutral and light (such as light yellow or beige) will help rooms feel lighter and fresher.
  • Provide warm-weather photos: Although the green grass and abundance of flowers from this past spring and summer have faded, you still want potential buyers to know they existed. Put out an album of photos showing your home in all the seasons. Marketing materials and online listings should have a good mix of season-appropriate images and photographs of key attributes that might not be evident through fall and winter.

Fall is a season of transformation, and it might be fun to embrace that change in your home. If you’d like to sell your Stowe VT house, reach out to us.