A property’s first price should be its right price!

If you’re putting your home on the market, then it’s critical to price your home appropriately from the beginning. Research continues to show that pricing your home higher to start and then dropping it several times while it’s on the market leads to selling prices much lower then what you could have originally asked for it.

Stowe Homes for sale, or elsewhere, that sell within the first week average at or above list price while homes on the market for four months or longer average more than 10 percent below the original asking price.

While considering what you paid for the home or what the balance on your mortgage is might seem like indicators for a current asking price, they are not. A home is only worth what the market allows, which means that properties above that figure will be passed by.

Pricing a home correctly is where a Realtor can be your best resource. A Stowe real estate agent will provide you with a comparative market analysis and explain why your home will sell at a certain price. By looking at other homes that sold nearby, and how long they were on the market, and homes currently on the market, which will be your competition, you can decide the most accurate price for your unique property.

An experienced Vermont Realtor will also go one step further and factor these price points into the context of the local Vermont market, whether prices are going up or down aggressively, features for which current buyers are clamoring, and other area factors that impact property inventory and sales.

We hope that as you start the buying/selling process that you find the right professional to help you – for a smoother transaction from beginning to end.