If you’re thinking of selling your home, the smallest details are absolutely essential. When a buyer steps through your door, they make split-second judgments based on dirty wall trims, broken tile, clutter, and everything else. Thankfully, there are some really easy ways to prepare your Vermont home for buyers. Here are eight of them:

#1: Re-painting Faded or Dirty Wall Trims

If you’re living in a home with white walls or white trims, you have probably noticed that it doesn’t take much to make them look a little dingy or gray. After a few months of soccer practices, mischievous pets, and moving furniture, your Stowe home for sale may not look as clean and tidy as it did when you first moved in.

Unfortunately, potential buyers will also notice slightly discolored wall trims – even if only subconsciously. And something as small as a dirty wall trim can be the difference in a buyer making an offer or moving on to greener pastures.

Here’s the good news: fixing those unsightly smudges is as easy as putting down a tarp or drop cloth and slapping on a fresh coat of paint.

#2: De-clutter

In the chaos of showing a house, most people don’t think about re-organizing the contents of their home. Over the years, we all collect a boatload of items: great grandmother Eudora’s vanity dresser, three sets of china, a pile of extra egg crate foam mattress pads. And while each of these items may be important to us, Stowe home buyers will only see one thing when they open the front door… clutter.

De-cluttering your home is an easy fix, though. Consider having a yard sale or donating any unwanted items to a local charity. With everything else, try to pack up some of your belongings in temporary storage. You’ll need to move anyway since you’re selling your home, and placing items in storage cuts out one extra step in the moving process.

What’s more, putting extra items in storage will open up your home for potential buyers and make the space feel bigger.

#3: Nailing Down Squeaky Floorboards

There’s always that one spot in the Stowe house for sale that you know to avoid or the creaky step you skip over when you go downstairs or breakfast. A big mistake home sellers make is thinking that squeaky floorboards are too hard to fix by themselves.

First, locate where the floor joints are, and mark it with a nail. Then, carefully cut a slit in the carpeting, and run the screw in.

#4: Install Potted Plants

Bring some life into your home with a set of potted plants. Flowers can also be a great way to add color to any room. Buy some potted daisies and place them in the entrance hall to your home. Or, consider placing a fern in the kitchen. Either way, a little bit of green is sure to make your home pop for potential buyers.

#5: Arrange a Fruit Bowl Centerpiece

Much like installing potted plants in your home, arranging a fruit bowl centerpiece is an easy prop that can bring some character to your living space. Bananas, apples, and oranges, oh my! Placing a fruit bowl centerpiece on the dining room table or the kitchen counter is always a good option.

#6: Cleaning Dirty Windows

Another trick for selling your home is knowing how to use natural light to your advantage. To maximize the amount of light that filters in, you’ll need to thoroughly clean your windows. Make sure to buy cleaning products that are streak-free and easy to use. After you’re done, open up your curtains and let some sunshine into the house!

#7: Patching Up Holes in the Wall

Maybe you once tried installing a wall shelf. Maybe your son tried nailing posters to his bedroom walls. Whatever the case, a house with walls that are riddled with holes can be an eyesore – especially for potential buyers.

Luckily, re-patching a wall is easy to do.

#8: Smoothing Concrete Driveway Cracks

If you have cracks on your concrete driveway or sidewalk, home buyers are definitely going to see them. First, clean the cracks out by chiseling any residual debris using a brush and vacuum. Once it’s smooth, take your concrete filler and inject the substance into open cavities, and even it out afterwards with a trowel.