Stowe real estate has a lot going for it: location, location, location. When it comes to buying real estate, whether a primary residence, a vacation home, or a rental property, there is a list of criteria that each buyer has, at the top is usually location. The beauty of Stowe, Vermont, is that there are no bad locations.

Stowe is a wonderful New England town, offering great shopping, dining, and outdoor experiences in an unparalleled location. What Stowe has to offer is a lifestyle that people are looking for, some full-time, some part-time. Those living and working in cities like New York and Boston look for areas like Stowe to escape to, a place where they can go on a hike or ski all day but still enjoy a wonderful meal in a fantastic restaurant or a concert in an idyllic setting.

Stowe, Vermont, offers the outdoors and the indoors – the beauty of nature and the exposure to culture – the ability to get away from it all but stay connected. Sellers of Stowe real estate have location going for them, and buyers can see the value of location in Stowe. Lifestyle is everything and Stowe has it all.

A Great Mountain Town

Smarter Travel recently released a list titled “10 Great Mountain Towns,” which mentioned some fabulous mountain towns around the world, one of which was Stowe. Stowe was noted for its New England charm and old-time appeal. Must-dos on the list included visiting nearby Ben & Jerry’s, enjoying some locally made chocolate, and sampling cider from the Cold Hollow Cider Mill.

It is quite an accolade for Stowe to be mentioned alongside Lucerne (Switzerland), Riobamba (Ecuador), and Bled (Slovenia), to name a few of the top global destinations. This notoriety contributes to anchoring Stowe real estate values, maintaining its desirability for owners.

Those of us who are lucky enough to call Stowe home are not surprised about its inclusion on a list of top mountain towns around the world, but rather pleased to know that we are recognized for being the special place we know it to be.

Visit for Winter, Stay for Summer

Many people originally come to Stowe for winter, to enjoy the snow, the skiing on the slopes and the feeling of cold air outside (and the cozy warmth of a fireplace inside). The summer, however, is the reason that so many stay in Stowe. A plethora of activities accompany a summer in Stowe, Vermont.

Hiking and mountain biking are a great way to spend an active day, and there is always shopping and dining for low-key days. Did you know that Stowe is also a great venue for the arts in the summer? Stowe has three local theaters, all of which will be entertaining willing theater-goers in Central Vermont.

The Lamoille County Players (at the Hyde Park Opera House), the Stowe Theatre Guild and the Waterbury Festival Playhouse have something for everyone. Musicals, dramas and comedies will take stage; there is a theatrical experience for everyone.

The available theater in Stowe is an asset to the community. Owning a Stowe vacation home enables exposure to a unique community that is a wonderful combination of activities. Shopping, dining, the great outdoors, music and theater add up to a lot of ways to enjoy the Stowe area, and an exceptional asset to Stowe real estate values. Reach out to us at William Raveis Stowe Realty for any and all of your Northern Vermont realtor needs.