“…a celebration of life and learning for cancer survivors and those who love them.”

More than 13 million people in the United States live with cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, not including the family members, care-givers and friends of those individuals who are also affected by the disease.

The Stowe Weekend of Hope three-day event is a healthy and inspirational retreat for all these individuals – coming together – in the restorative environment of Stowe.

Throughout the weekend, renowned oncologists, researchers and members of the medical community present lectures and seminars on the latest treatments and prevention findings, to further understanding of the disease. There are also hands-on workshops, gatherings, services and music that work toward healing, comfort and spirituality. (For a full schedule of events, please click here.)

Since the Stowe Weekend of Hope’s inception in 2001, the event has grown locally and nationally, in the hopes of promoting innovation and support in the fields of cancer research and education. Through the support of its generous sponsors, the event is free for survivors to attend.

We welcome all participants to the Stowe Weekend of Hope and extend our wishes of health and healing.