In Stowe, one of the most anticipated events is the annual Stowe Winter Carnival.

Every January, young and old gather to enjoy our winter wonderland. Guests can enjoy silly sporting events, ice carving competitions, and movies. If you’re feeling particularly competitive, enter yourself into our snowgolf and snowvolleyball tournaments (because when you’ve got fresh snowfall, you might as well swing a club at it).

If you want to bring the kiddos along, there’s plenty for them to do, too! The Stowe Winter Carnival also hosts the Kids’ Karnival Kaos with several kid-friendly games and events.

Of course, the Stowe Winter Carnival is just a drop in the ocean of reasons one has for moving to Stowe, VT. If you are interested in waterfront homes for sale in Vermont, luxury homes in Stowe, or would simply like to speak to a local realtor to learn more, reach out to us today.