Quality photos are important when it comes to selling real estate. There are some fabulous Stowe homes for sale at the moment and photos are often the first impression prospective buyers have of these homes. Good photos draw people through the front door and inadequate photos can keep buyers away.

More people are doing their research online, before contacting an agent or seeing a property. Buyers decide with 60 seconds if a property is suitable for them and more than half that time is spent looking at the photos.

Better photography also makes a different to the overall online interest in a listing, receiving 118 percent more views than other properties, which translates to faster sales and higher prices. No marketing investment is as important as the quality of the photos regarding real estate in Stowe or elsewhere.

So, you ask, how do you go about getting good photos of your property? One of the first steps when selling a home is choosing a local REALTOR® with whom you want to work. Part of interviewing real estate professionals should involve reviewing marketing materials and photos of past listings and current listings. Do you like what you see? Photos will be a part of print and web advertising and potential buyers will often be viewing these from far away.

Impress buyers at first sight! You might only get one chance. Contact William Raveis Stowe Real Estate today.